We always strive to resolve your case with all possible alacrity through negotiated settlement.  However, not all cases are amenable to informal resolution.   Where one party refuses to act in good faith, or where both parties simply cannot agree on an acceptable outcome, the most effective route to resolution is a well-conceived and diligently executed litigation plan.

Our litigation team of David P. Shebby, CFLS and Kristen Hirashima, Esq. is uniquely qualified to obtain resolution of contested matters through zealous courtroom advocacy.  Unlike many family law lawyers, our team of experienced trial attorneys relishes the challenges of trial practice and looks forward to aggressively and effectively advocating on your behalf.

Prior to any court proceeding, we will work with you to marshal all relevant evidence, and present your case to the court in the most effective manner possible.  Often, this will involve consulting with and retaining experts in various fields such as accountancy, earning capacity, economics, executive compensation, child development, domestic violence, substance abuse and/or valuation of real property, businesses and other assets.

Your decision to retain highly experienced litigators can make a substantial difference in the outcome of your contested proceeding.


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