Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is a process where parties retain collaborative attorneys who represent the needs of their respective clients while working together as a team to resolve issues. Rather than turning the decision-making power over to a judge or other third party, control of the collaborative process is held by the parties. The team approach embodied in the Collaborative Divorce process often involves the use of mental health professionals as coaches and child specialists as well as financial experts to facilitate resolution of a broad range of financial issues.

Collaborative Divorce requires a commitment by the parties to resolve issues without litigation and in a respectful manner. Collaborative Divorce is not for every family and requires a commitment by the parties to engage in a complete and accurate exchange of information. When parties agree by stipulation to engage in the process of Collaborative Divorce, the respective attorneys work in the capacity of advisors and settlement specialists. While engaging in the Collaborative Divorce process does not involve the waiver of any client rights, collaborative attorneys will not participate in litigation in the event that the parties are unable to reach agreements.

In the process of helping families to resolve all issues in their family law matters, the goal of the Collaborative Divorce is to enhance communication by the parties and to lay the foundation for a healthier relationship both during and after a divorce.

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